Bitten Tech | Pre-Hacking Course Complete Modules| Ethical hacking Course

Bitten Tech | Pre-Hacking Course Complete Modules| Ethical hacking Course
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Monday 19 April 2021

Bitten Tech | Pre-Hacking Course Complete Modules| Ethical hacking Course:

Bitten tech | ethical Hacking

 About the author:

Ansh Bhawani is a C|EH - certified ethical hacker and security analyst. he has passed the exam conducted by the EC council. He is also certified by Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA).

He is a famous Youtuber with having youtube channel name "Bitten tech "with currently more than 135k subscribers where he regularly posts videos on computer technology, cybersecurity and programming courses. 

Bitten tech is cyber security and ethical hacking related channel where the creator provides information and knowledge about cyber security and also shares his knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security.

And if you are totally a beginner then you can go through his channel and start learning you will get to understand very clearly about the basic concept as well as advanced.

He had started his channel in 2013 when he was in his 12th class where he had worked very hard to grow his channel but because of less penetration of the internet and not many people were searching about cyber security he wasn’t able to grow that much.

But he didn’t give up and continued to make videos on cyber security and ethical hacking and after so long time he started getting attention and success.

There are very few people in India who were teaching cyber security in this manner.

He is a Computer Science student. He loves playing with computers and spends much of a day at it. He is a keen learner of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, computer technology, and application development. As he has an interest in programming he has made at least four Web Applications and four Android applications on my own. he has done many free and paid courses on Python, Android, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, JAVA, and UNIX.

What you will learn here:

  1. Module 1 (Introduction)
  2. Module 2 (Basic and Environment Setup)
  3. Module 3 (Linux Refresher)
  4. Module 4 (Networking Refresher)
  5. Module 5 (Footprinting and Reconnaissance)
  6. Module 6 (Scanning)
  7. Module 7 (Enumeration)


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