Build a Mail Server on Windows - unlimited mails |Gmail SMTP Server-sendmail

Build a Mail Server on Windows - unlimited mails |Gmail SMTP Server-sendmail
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Saturday 27 March 2021

Build a Mail Server on Windows - unlimited mails |Gmail SMTP Server-sendmail 

Learn How To Build Your Own Mail Server(SMTP) on Windows easily for your small-med businesses - 10X Cheaper!

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 Learn to set up your own mail server like Gmail, Outlook and send emails/newsletters without any limit. 

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Sending emails to your customers was never been cheap & unlimited. Email service provider charges insanely huge amount to deliver emails to your customers. In addition to that, they also charges you for storing contacts. 

Create your own mail server on cloud just like Gmail. 

Host mail for multiple users and multiple domain names.

Synchronize contacts & calendar using Exchange/ActiveSync

You server will be automatically configured to follow modern mail protocols (DMARC, DKIM, and  SPF) and the best security practices which includes HSTS, strong ciphers, opportunistic TLS, DNSSEC (with DANE TLSA). These configuration will ensure your newsletters never get flagged.

What you'll learn :-

🌟 Send & Receive Emails Using Your Own Mail server.

🌟 Build your Own Mailing Systems like Gmail or Outlook.

🌟 Learn How to Connect Using Email Client And How to send Email Programmatically

🌟 Configure rDNS, DMARC, DKIM and SPF to Avoid Spam Mails.

🌟 Learn To Use Webmin As A Mail Server.

🌟 Send emails From Your WordPress Website Via Your Own Mail Server


  • You will need a server, which will cost you $5 per month
  • You should have domain name
  • You should be to ready to learn

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in email marketing
  • Anyone wants to send unlimited emails at minimum cost
  • Anyone wants to manage their emails them-self instead of third party
  • Anyone wants to set mail server like Gmail
  • Anyone wants to create unlimited custom email address.
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